In this meeting, we will explore the many aspects of the intricate relationship between member galaxies and their hosts.

Galaxy Evolution in Groups and Clusters at 'low' Redshift: Theory and Observations 

  Schloss Ringberg,

  11-15, December 2017



MPIA Heidelberg

Universite’ de Marseille

Herzberg Institute, Victoria

University of Chicago

University of Heidelberg

UC Riverside

Yonsei University

Annalisa Pillepich 

Alessandro Boselli 

Laura Ferrarese 

Andrey Kravtsov 

Thorsten Lisker 

Laura Sales 

Rory Smith 

MPIA Heidelberg

MPIA Heidelberg

MPIA Heidelberg


Credits: GASP project
Credits: IllustrisTNG

The conference will be held in the Schloss Ringberg, nestled in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

Credits: STScI
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